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[ profile] start_a_rumpus  - Max is starting to adjust a little better after his meltdown over not being able to get home. I'm excited about his growing relationship with Joe Dick. He's a sort of fatherish figure to him. Maybe strange Uncle? He's also developing friendships with other kids, notably Coraline who he thinks is super cool and maybe kind of pretty not that he'd say so. Jason Todd is teaching him how to fight a little and he thinks this is the coolest thing to ever happen to him. This can only end well. I need to tag him into more kid's posts. Especially Cartman. He has found an enemy on the island.

[ profile] sluttylyingliar  - Rachel is keep on keeping on. We're going to do homeplot in March, I believe, where she'll go back to Harlan with Raylan and most likely meet Winona. This is going to stir up her well founded suspicion that things weren't over with Raylan and Winona which will probably lead to some sort of blow out on her part. She's not going to be able to keep the relationship how it is, with her falling harder all the time and feeling like it's one-sided. The fact that she even CARES is a huge deal. She's going to be taking Brooke on a dinosaur adventure for her birthday which will be, of course, an excellent idea. She's never a quiet pup for me so she's still easy to play.

[ profile] fireinthe_hole  - Boyd is really interesting to play right now. Everyone is being so awesome in their tags with him. The reactions to what he did are varied and all amazing to thread with. Also, there's new Justified canon going on and a similar situation with Boyd trying to figure out who he is now, and do the right things all while battling his inner CRAZY. I definitely need to tag him into more posts. He's going to start drinking as he feels more and more lost which will only lead to more and more crazeballs.

[ profile] new_ophelia  - Kate and Baze stopped dating basically as soon as they started. Which was for the best as Baze did not have his shit together and she doesn't have time or energy to deal with that. Plus, things are weird with Lux. She wants badly to be Lux's friend but that's kind of in direct conflict with Lux not wanting her to date Baze. It's a weird situation which is fun for ME because Kate's low drama. I want to find another outlet for her acting soon and work on that. Sam continues to love people and hate water and dirt.
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Rachel - [ profile] sluttylyingliar - Rachel is plugging along trying to figure out how to be with Raylan and not be constantly paranoid about the fact that he's not in love with her. I think we're sending her to Harlan for homeplot, where she'll probably meet Winona, if not Winona AND Ava, which is not going to help. We'll see how much longer she can keep it up. She's going to be teaching stripping/pole lessons with the other girls at the club, which is probably not what Brooke meant when she encouraged her to try new things to keep herself busy.

Kate - [ profile] new_ophelia - She and Baze called a stop to their tentative relationship due to Baze's idiocy in dealing with Lux. I'm not sure how that one will resolve itself, but it's great for ME to have new things going on for her to deal with. I need to find something else for her to do, like a part time job, I think.

Max - [ profile] start_a_rumpus - I'm currently playing out a thread with Joe where Max will finally realize he can't go home. He's going to be pretty angry/sad for a while and keep swinging between acting out and being heart broken. He's starting to make a few friends, like Coraline and Karen and I'm really enjoying playing him.

Boyd - [ profile] fireinthe_hole - Oh, Boyd. Should be getting out of jail soon. I'm excited about tagging into other people's posts with him, especially now that it's fairly common knowledge what went down. Plus, new canon starts in a week. Very excited. Boyd's gonna be even more unstable, as he tries to reconcile his 'failure' to God and what it means for his grand purpose.

For Joe

Jan. 25th, 2011 08:46 am
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Max is going home today. Joe seemed to think that maybe Max's idea about the boat would work, and there were lots of rowboats around the beach and they'd be able to to row back home. Max is going to miss Joe, and maybe a few other people, but his mom is probably really worried by now. Maybe even worried enough to not be mad anymore about the biting. Claire's probably even noticed and maybe she'll be so worried she'll take Max to the movies like he's been asking for months.

He didn't really pack much into his little bag, just a few things he thought mom and Claire might like. Some flowers that he was trying not to squish and a little paper heart he made for Claire, as a sorry for destroying the old one. He'd carefully slipped out of his building without anyone noticing the bag and took off for Joe's office. It's probably bad not to say goodbye to more people, but he's afraid some grownup would stop him. Probably that one that made him wash his costume. He doesn't look nearly enough like a monster now that it's so clean.

It seems like it should be about time for Joe to leave so he curls up outside the door, resting his head against the wall, waiting. His eyes close as he pictures all the stuff he's gonna do when he gets home. The sun will still be dying and things will still hurt, but at least his mom will be there.


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